Vets have some really good steroid/antibiotic ointments, and sometimes, oral treatments are necessary as well. This juice certainly offers several benefits to humans but let’s focus on pets. Good day dear Vets Regards Dr Callum Turner DVM Ingestion of aloe vera leaves (not sure if they’re leaves or not) may result in an increase in activity of the gastrointestinal tract which may cause vomiting and diarrhoea with mucus; keep an eye on Bambi for the time being and visit your Veterinarian if any severe symptoms present. It is important to practice caution when using Aloe Vera. And the same effect can be seen when you apply aloe vera for dogs. I'm going to keep him on the pumpkin and rice feeding for another day or two. For all animals? The aloe vera gel had a pain reliever in it. Severe diarrhea can be life threatening because it can eventually cause dehydration. Hello, I gave him one of his stomach pills (Famotidine, which was leftover from a previous stomach upset). Aloe vera can be quite toxic to dogs if ingested, and can cause vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, and urinary problems. By: Erika Raines El Segundo, CA Replied on 04/19/2011. I know many dogs that have it every day for 8-10 years. I personally have given my dog aloe vera internally before. Unless your product is all-natural and marked as “pet-safe”, it is a good rule of thumb to stop your dog from licking it. That said, providing Aloe vera juice won’t cause your dog harm. An endoscopy may also be done to look for any remaining aloe vera parts or products and to verify that your dog does not have an obstruction from eating the plant. Either fresh juice from aloe or a gel that has been commercially prepared features a pile of minerals, proteins, enzymes, and other goodies. But, if you are combating some type of skin irritation, like a hot spot, especially if scratching or licking, definitely well worth veterinary examination. How well your dog does depends on how much aloe they swallowed and how quickly they receive treatment. Answer: The latex of aloe is considered a purgative ( a substance that empties the intestinal tract usually by inducing diarrhea.) If an animal eats quite a bit of the plant (and it is very bad tasting), you could see mild stomach upset. To achieve best results, bath your dog in Aloe vera, let the liquid soak in for 30 minutes and then rinse out. When buying aloe, make sure to look for the inner fillet juice or gel and not the whole leaf, which can produce a laxative effect if your dog consumes it. If your dog accidentally licks or ingests Aloe Vera, carefully monitor his behavior for potential side effects. The faster medical help is given, the better the chance for recovery. If necessary, the veterinary team may need to perform an ultrasound and CT scan for a more detailed look at your dog’s abdomen. Bring the information with you to the veterinarian’s office in addition to your dog’s medical history, such as shot records, recent illnesses, injuries, and abnormal behavior. Should I just wait and see if she shows any other signs of illness? The latex part of the aloe vera plant causes cramping, diarrhea, nausea, and dehydration. You must use pure aloe vera gel - you can use the kind of gel sold for humans, especially if you're sure of its quality.Failing that, extract the pulp from the leaves of an aloe vera plant and make your own. Research supports the toxic properties of phenols in dogs, resulting in phenol posioning. Your vet can treat your dog for any toxic exposure. Hello, whole leaf aloe is toxic, but if you have inner fillet pure cold pressed aloe, such as the kind I distribute, it is safe. Question: What if I apply aloe vera to my dog’s hot spot or a wound and the dog licks it. Aloe Vera is very helpful in healing dogs. Ringworm or Microsporidia is a type of fungus that hates Aloe vera. I am sick atm so i thought he might've caught what i have. If your dog’s wound is located in a spot that’s easily reachable, he might try licking the Neosporin off, which not only defeats the purpose but also might make your pup sick. Its bitter taste will most likely deter them from continuing. I hope that all goes well for him. The plant contains a chemical called saponin, which is toxic to animals and children. Dog allergies can cause itchy skin, rashes or inflammations. In addition, your veterinarian may do an echocardiogram (ECG) to check your dog’s heart muscular and electrical activity. Do not use it internally on your dog or allow your pet to ingest it. If you've ever had a sunburn, you know all-natural aloe vera can be a lifesaver. First of all, pure Aloe Vera gel (processed to remove Aloin) is safe to for your dog to consume. I heard that it was good for dogs with sizure if you give it with the food it will help stop the sizure attack is aloe Vera ok to give are dog it seem to help her or what can I give her cause can't get no Med for her no money what more can I give her please help her, Aloe vera is toxic for dogs and I cannot recommend any use of aloe vera unless it is with a product specifically intended for dogs. They will be looking for lower than normal red blood cell count, low glucose level, and decreased electrolyte levels. And if he consumes it is it easily curable? The best way of treating ringworm in dogs is by rubbing raw Aloe vera, Aloe vera juice or Aloe vera gel on the affected areas of the skin. Ringworm. Anemia / Diarrhea / Lethargy / Seizures / Shaking / Vomiting, Skin irritation (bumps, flaky skin, and hair loss), Eating or being fed products with aloe vera gel, supplements or latex. You may notice that aloe from the store is a bright green color — this is because there are other chemicals, additives, and dyes to prolong the shelf-life and preserve the enzymes in the store-bought aloe vera. My dog ate perhaps 4 small pieces of aloe Vera around 8pm and although she hasn’t shown any signs of being sick I’m worried . Dog owners will be thrilled to learn that aloe vera is safe for animals. If this continues, dangerous dehydration may follow, and can be fatal if not treated right away. Be aware if you are buying aloe vera gel that it needs be pure aloe, as many of the gels are predominantly a carrier with very little aloe. A potted aloe vera plant is very common in many homes in Asia and Europe. The plant contains a chemical called saponin, which is toxic to animals and children. Oatmeal Shampoo For Dogs With Soothing Aloe Vera, Suitable For All Pets, With Cucumber Essence and Ripe Melon Extract, Hypoallergenic, Soap-Free Formula … Aloe vera gel is also great, because it soothes the area and relieves pain, but will also help the burns to heal more quickly. Any suggestions as to what I should do? Regards Dr Callum Turner DVM The gel is surrounded by a yellowish juice; that is the latex that you want to leave behind. Whilst aloe vera is safe for topical use as long as you can keep your dog from licking it, it is not wise to allow your dog to ingest any part of an aloe plant, nor to eat the gel. This gel is great for eczema and itchy skin caused by insect bites, dry skin and parasites. Wound treatment products include aloe vera for its soothing properties. You can apply aloe vera directly to your dog's affected spots. But given the size of the dog and the amount licked your dog is likely going to be OK though if he had gotten into a lot of it the alcohol and other ingredients might have an impact on liver or kidneys or digestive tract. Look up Dogs Naturally Magazine they have at least 2 articles on the benefits of aloe vera for dogs. Cut the leaf open and you will see a clear gel in the center. Even if he does not consume it, does exposure to the plant induce harm to my dog? The uses of aloe vera are many, even for animals. I am assuming that he licked some of the aloe gel off of himself. Activated charcoal will also be given to bind to the aloe vera so it can be evacuated through your dog’s bowels without any further contamination. If it’s anything but pure aloe you need to ensure your pup cant lick the gel that you’ve applied, such as with a buster collar or a kong cloud. Aloe vera also increases the blood supply to promote quick healing. Question: How dangerous a toxin is it? I brought home a piece of aloe vera plant approx 3 inches long. Javad. It isn't toxic, but it could cause stomach upset. Aloe is best used for digestive, skin and lymph problems. A reader is concerned that a detangling shampoo he bought from a large pet-supply company lists aloe vera as one of its ingredients. Our dog will be able to rest from the symptoms of its allergy at the skin level. Answer: If you are just applying the gel portion of the leaf it should not be a problem. Dr. Joe Musielak, an emergency-care vet at Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital in Snohomish who answered Tuesday's question... A reader is concerned that a detangling shampoo he bought from a large pet-supply company lists aloe vera as one of its ingredients. Aloe vera is a fleshy plant with tall and serrated leaves, clusters of yellow flowers, and a gel inside that people use for burns and other medical properties. Make sure to always buy the human-grade, for consumption, juice or gel. It would be best not to give Petty aloe vera, and to continue to follow your veterinarian's advice on the management of his seizures. My 11 month old min pin chewed it a little before i got it away from him. Many thanks for your prompt reply. The case is that phenobarbital is affecting Petty's livers and I'm just trying to find another way to control his seizures. Is the dog in danger? If your dog attempts to lick the gel after you apply it, don't worry. DERMagic - A Breakthrough in Dog and Cat Skin Care DERMagic has been helping to restore, repair, and nourish the skin and coats of pets since 2006. Helps with tumors, eyesight, and skin issues plus much more. The problem is that is not the only ingredient in this gel. In fact, it’s one of the best natural remedies for dog diarrhea. Treatment includes decontamination by inducing vomiting and performing a gastric lavage to clean any remaining aloe vera from your dog’s stomach. Question: Some people always keep an aloe plant around to apply to kitchen burns or other wounds. If you have financial issues, you should try to reach out to charity clinics and nonprofits to see if they are able to assist with the cost of medication. Oral Consumption (Extracts, Juices, etc) Would it take that long to show symptoms? So if you’re pup has been struggling with digestion and excretion, and you want to avoid chemical substances, consider feeding him or her aloe vera pet supplements. It would be best for you to take your dog to a vet as soon as possible. How to Use Aloe Vera for Dogs. SarahGen July 9, 2013 . Answer: Most of the research has been in dogs and cats that have ingested aloe. What should I do if my dog licked the Aloe Vera gel? Great Aloe Vera For Dogs Why Aloe Is Toxic To Pets. You can see the full instructions on making aloe vera gel at OneHowTo. Question: Is aloe toxic? Answer: Most topical products have had the toxic principal removed during processing. Aloe juice can cause diarrhea as it can act as a laxative. Eating aloe Vera and now throwing up and shaking. Used on the skin, aloe is effective in treating conditions such as hot spots and allergic reactions. Is the dog in danger? These attributes align with many of the same problems dogs have as they age. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory, analgesic, moisturizing and cellular renewal properties of aloe vera. I'd appreciate if you can please let me have your comment. In terms of aloe vera, one of the supposed adaptogenic phytochemicals found in this plant are phenols. While the gel may be good for humans to use, it is definitely not for consumption by dogs. Monitor your pet once home, and be certain to attend all follow-up appointments as scheduled by the veterinarian. Fresh aloe vera juice helps digestion, the immune system and can also reduce inflammation. Dr. Joe Musielak, an emergency-care vet at Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital in Snohomish who answered Tuesday’s question about toxic products, tackles the question. I've got a 7-year old dog with seizures,I've heard that Aloe Vera is good for him! (Or how much would my dog or cat have to ingest for it to be a problem?). Daddy is a Yorky mommy has a Maltese Japanese chin, Daddy is a Yorky mommy has a Maltese Japanese chin 7 yrs okd. That said, it’s very unlikely that your dog will continue to lick the Aloe off because its bitter, biting, acidic flavor and aftertaste. The same can be said for an oatmeal soak, either commercial or homemade, that also offers soothing relief from painful sunburn. The veterinarian will do a complete physical examination, which includes vision and hearing check, reflexes, body temperature, blood pressure, height, weight, heart rate, oxygen level, and respiration rate. Chihuahua's can easily get dehydrated. Is aloe dangerous or not? *Wag! In fact, the toxicity can be so extreme as to cause the breakdown of red blood cells, which can be fatal if not treated immediately. If he consumes it is it deathly? If you break an aloe leaf open you notice two things: the center clear/greenish goo (this is what the gel is made from) and around the very edge a white sap (this is the latex the plant produces). While the gel may be good for humans to use, it is definitely not for consumption by dogs. Although aloe should never be given to your dog orally, you can still use it externally for its topical benefits -- if you ensure that your dog doesn't lick the area to which you apply the gel. The ability to lower the blood sugar in dogs is especially dangerous, causing coma and death in some cases. Hand sanitizer is an alcohol-based mixture that can be used to kill germs and prevent the spread of disease. From 32 quotes ranging from $200 - $2,500, aloe vera poisoning occurs when your dog consumes a large amount of aloe vera or a product containing aloe vera or latex, aloe vera poisoning occurs when your dog is exposed to aloe vera plants or products from the plant. 2) Dermatitis The aloe vera plant produces a sap that has a lot of beneficial properties for humans. Is there a way to prevent the risk of my dog from wanting to consume aloe vera? You can apply pure, commercially prepared aloe vera gel to your dog’s scrapes or minor skin irritations with peace of mind; any amount he would consume by licking it off his skin is typically too nominal to create any internal disturbances. Though it's not as effective as soap and water, having a bottle of hand sanitizer around is convenient and better than nothing, especially when there is widespread sickness. Check the label of the aloe vera gel that you used. Aloe vera is not toxic to dogs. Thank you for your email. What should I do? Aloe Vera, he notes, is listed as toxic by the ASCPA. may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Our extensive product line focuses on resolving skin problems that arise from an overgrowth of yeast, which include hot spots, alopecia X, black skin disease, hair loss, and dry, itchy skin. I hope your dog gets to feeling better soon. And even if he does, most commercial products don’t contain aloin. If the product contains a local pain killer such as benzocaine, it may have caused mild gastrointestinal upset. What can we give are dog for sizure can't get Med.dont have the money is there some other way to help are dog, Dear Dr. King This produces a compound that increases mucus and water in the colon, causing nausea and vomiting. If you are using aloe vera gel directly from a plant in your home, you must be aware of the toxicity of the saponins and other compounds in the leaf. Aloe Vera is a plant with spiked and thick skinned leaves. I read somewhere that Kbrovet is good for him but it's not available here in our country. The most common use of aloe vera gel for dogs is as a topical skin application, as you’re probably familiar with. The carriers could be toxic to your mate. There’s no conclusive evidence. But, no concern with a aloe vera gel with lidocaine. Aloe Vera is not safe for dogs to ingest, but it is safe to put on their skin. It isn't recommended since the dog would likely lick it off as soon as it was applied. Then, apply the gel on your dog's paw pads carefully. You need the following essential oils: 4 drops rosemary (DO NOT use on dogs with epilepsy) 2 drops peppermint; 1 ounce aloe vera gel; Mix the oils in the aloe vera gel… Make sure the aloe has no preservatives, sweeteners or flavorings and that it’s organic and at least 99% pure. If your dog experiences a small cut or scrape, cleanse the area thoroughly with antibacterial soap and spray some aloe vera gel designed for veterinary use on your pet. IV fluids and oxygen therapy will be administered to keep your dog hydrated and stable. @donasmrs-- Like the article said, there is no consensus on the internal use of aloe vera for dogs. Aloe vera can be toxic to your dog. Question: What are the symptoms of aloe toxicity? Is aloe dangerous or not? I would be really thankful if you can just suggest me an alternative for phenobarbital. © 2020 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. With the Best Regards An Aroma-Aloe-Gel for Your Dog. Some laboratory tests that your veterinarian will do are a complete blood count (CBC), blood gases, biochemistry profile, electrolytes, glucose test, urinalysis, and fecal examination. The gel is not toxic, but the latex can cause problems. Aloe vera gel … In short you get a little of the raw aloe gel/meat and blend with lots of water, they should drink it happily enough. Hi my backyard has a big aloe vera bush. But it is not toxic. Bambi's owner if nothing has happened don't worry. Despite the strong laxative properties of aloe, chances are your dog won’t be harmed from licking the occasional bit of gel if you use it as a base for essential oils. The cause of aloe vera poisoning can be from one large dose (ingestion) or from repeated topical and/or oral exposure.